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Smoke Bombs for Photography and Videography: Are they Safe?

it is very popular to see all over Instagram and Facebook multiple photos of awesome shoots being taken using smoke bombs: 

See some pretty cool examples here:

Want to buy them on Amazon?

but beware and really think about the consequences before you decide to do a shoot with them.

Caution Number one: 

They get very hot and could potential burn your client see this real review below on Amazon from a client that had a bad experience.

There is also record of people having asthma attacks due to the fumes and the toxicity

Here us another article about the hazards of using them

Caution Number two:

if you want to save your clients from getting burned or having toxic fumes for them to breathe in, just be aware that some brands are terrible for the environment:

Make sure that you’re using corn starch or biodegradable if you’re going to go that route:

Caution Number three: 

there is a lot of stipulations for people using smoke bombs in public places.

Therefore you will have to find private property that would allow you to burn something and have a very large space as if not to catch fire to any dry objects See how they are made here:

Caution Number four 

Do you have to have special liability and waivers just for smoke bombs? 

Because they are burning chemicals, they could stain the eyes, they could cause asthma attacks, they could burn clothing and they are extremely hot - do you have to have a special waiver for your clients to use them?

One photographer was able to get cool touch smoke grenades but they are very hard to find especially on Amazon where they are discontinued

Caution Number five

They are very expensive ranging from $20-$50 for a 30 to 90 second effect- is it worth charging your clients an extra 10200 $ plus signing a waiver knowing that you only get 30 to 90 seconds for photos? 

Really want to use smoke bombs or grenades even with the risks? 

Here’s an article about how one photographer uses them for their wedding:

Would you still use them? 


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