5 articles to read before buying a drone

It might be tempting to go on Amazon and buy a drone for your next vacation or wedding and start flying it immediately.

But be warned that there are a lot of no-fly zones and regulations when you fly a drone especially in particular areas.

You always must check the local area or venue to see if they are any restrictions on drone flying.

I remember doing one wedding at a local botanical garden that was next to a airport and was told if I had a drone it would get physically shot down from the sky from their watch tower.

Since Hampton roads is a military area, with over seven military bases, it’s very likely that a lot of scenic spots will be no fly zone’s.

You could face some serious fines or even the loss of your drone and your business license if you do not adhere to the policies stated in your area.

I know after doing a lot of research, I’ve decided not to invest in a drone knowing that I would have to take classes and get licenses for different jobs. It wouldn’t be worth my time for the amount of inquiries I wasn’t getting with drones.

Educating myself saved me THOUSANDS from buying something that half my wedding venue wouldn’t alllow anyways.
So do your research and see if buying a drone would help or hurt your business before investing in licenses, classes and gear

However, if done right, drone flying can be fun, and helpful to grow your business in real estate, wedding film or landscapes.

Make sure you read more about FAA regulations, the paperwork needed and the proper safety precautions before you fly:

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