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5-Day Youth Photography Workshop

Inspire Creativity and Capture Memories: Ages 11-17

Welcome to our 5-day youth photography workshop, designed to ignite the passion for photography in young minds. This workshop is tailored for ages 11-17 and provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of photography.

Workshop Details

Dates: Jul 22nd - Jul 26th

Location: Rent A Set | 101 W 35th Street | Norfolk, VA

Age Group: 11-17 years

**Required Equipment: Participants must bring a DSLR or mirrorless camera to the workshop.


topics being covered

  • Day 1: Understanding Your Camera

  • Day 2: Composition and Framing

  • Day 3: Lighting Techniques

  • Day 4: Portrait Photography

  • Day 5: Photo Editing and Presentation

*Snacks will be available for purchase each day. Please ensure your child has a healthy snack option or bring money to purchase snacks.*

DSLR Camera_edited.jpg

what to bring?

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera

  • Camera manual (optional but recommended)

  • Notebook and pen

  • Water bottle

  • Money for snacks (optional)

how to register?

Click on the "Register Now" button below to secure your spot.

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