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the bay


Step into our rental photography bays, your blank canvas for capturing the extraordinary. Whether you're into fashion, food, portraits, or products, these bays transform into your dream set. Equipped with lighting and backdrops, you wield limitless creativity. Unleash your vision, and watch it come to life in these versatile, genre-agnostic spaces. Your imagination is the only limit, and these bays are your boundless playground!

Ideal for the novice photographer & those unfamiliar with studio lighting! 

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The Lab-5.jpg

the lab

Introducing our dedicated photo and video editing haven - your creative sanctuary in the digital realm!  For those without the space, tools, or software, this is your passport to pixel perfection. Our editing space is a tech oasis, equipped with the latest software and hardware essentials. It's where your raw captures evolve into stunning masterpieces, and where your imagination finds its pixelated playground. Unleash your inner artist, and let your visuals soar in this collaborative, tech-powered environment.

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