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Our Services

  • How big is the studio?
    Rent A Set - Pembroke is a 700 sq ft private suite Rent A Set - Norfolk Bays' are approx. 9ft wide and can fit up to about 8 clients
  • Can I schedule a tour?
    You sure can. Please use the link below:
  • What type of lens do you suggest?
    We suggest lens lengths no longer than 50mm at the Norfolk location. If you would like to use a longer focal length, we suggest renting a private suite such as our "All White Room" or our Pembroke location.
  • Will there be other photographers renting the studio during my time?
    Our Pembroke and DB Studio location are private suites but our Norfolk location can accommodate up to 4 creatives at a time.
  • Can I have food and drink in at the studio?
    Food and drinks are allowed in the studio we just ask that you clean up any spills or messes prior to your session ending. There is a cleaning fee of $50.00 if suites are not properly cleaned after session.
  • Does my hourly rental include set up + break down time?
    Your rental period begins at the start of the contracted time. It does not include any extra setup or breakdown time. Your entrance and exit are monitored by security surveillance and you will be billed for any additional used time.
  • Is there enough space for clients to have their hair and makeup done?
    At the DB Studio location there is a designated space for hair/makeup complete with makeup chair, table, and a mirror with lights! I suggest booking more time if hair & makeup need to be done. *Our Hair + Makeup space is only for used during your contracted time.* At the Norfolk studio there is a rental fee of $25 per hour to rent a makeup station in our private makeup suite. Unfortunately we do not have a designated hair/makeup station at our Pembroke location at this time.
  • Is there parking available?
    Parking is available at our Pembroke & DB Studio location. Only on street parking is available at our Norfolk location.
  • Are pets and animals allowed?
    Pets are not allowed at any of our locations.
  • Are children allowed in the studios?
    Yes, children are allowed at our Pembroke & DB Studio location with a parent/guardian present. Children are not at our Norfolk location unless they are being photographed. We do have a waiting area available but an adult must be present with the child while they wait.
  • What is included in the rental?
    Full use of the studio including use of strobes, light triggers, lighting modifiers, light stands, and black and white seamless backdrops.
  • Can I bring my own equipment?
    For sure, we encourage you to bring any gear you need to make your session successful.
  • If I go over my time can I extend my rental?
    If there is time open after your rental slot, you can purchase additional time at a 30 min or hourly rate.
  • Do you have Wifi?
    Yes, we do have wifi.
  • Do you have a bluetooth speaker for music?
    Yes we do. FYI: At our Norfolk location it's one a "first come, first serve" basis.
  • How many people can I bring to the studio with me?
    We have a limit of 8 people per studio rental. *At our Norfolk location only one additional guest per client is allowed in the "Bay" area.*
  • What if I need to bring more than 5 people?
    For a party over 8 it qualifies as an event, please email us so we can provide you with the appropriate rate for your event
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