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Never lose your passwords again

 Do you have a lot of passwords do a lot of different software programs and clients? 

When you first started getting a computer and the Internet then if you post it notes and notepads would suffice.

Now you have 14 different passwords all with different capital letters, multiple symbols and  numbers and it’s so hard to keep track of!


Please don’t do it one of my business clients did they keep track of all his passwords- stick them on post it notes and have them all over his fridge and house.

Not only is it terribly unsafe, but an awful way to keep organized when you need to find something that’s important. 

What are used to do is keep a note on my phone that had all of my passwords on it and anywhere I was connected to any iCloud device I could access it

However I started managing so many different clients and websites that it was so hard for me to find a specific name or organization by scrolling and scrolling through pages and pages of notes


What I really needed was an electronica system that was easy to catalog, easy to fine, and available on any tablet or Internet device


But most importantly I wanted it to be secure since I was keeping so many peoples information on there.

I am so glad that I found lastpass ( ! No only is my life more organized, but my clients feel secure and safe knowing that their passwords and information are kept under a tight digital lock and key- with their fingerprint lock system. 



Last pass ( even has the ability to save secure in Notes, Files, pictures that I take on my phone and for it to automatically enter my password if I choose to do so for a particular favorite websites. 

Please stop writing post it notes or random paper to remember your passcodes.

What other program do you use to stay organized?



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