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5 ways to kill it on social media

Post daily content.

Even if you can’t think of something , use a repost app and recycle your content or a fans! Better to post often then not enough ... 

Don’t just talk about a “mattress- talk about a good night sleep”

Meaning - sell the experience, not just your product 


Use stories on instagram and Facebook to show people behind the scenes of what you do! 

set a schedule 7 repeating days -

like Sunday - motivational post

Monday- about you and your vision

Tuesday - testimonial

Wednesday - how to video

Thursday - latest sales or coupon

Friday - what your company does to help the community or behind the scenes 

Saturday- latest product or latest news 

Use the same color scheme, same fonts, and same program like canva to create great graphics

 Stick with a pattern of color and images - don’t go off pattern or off color unless it’s for a special occasion 

Comment on other people’s stuff, dm them to connect, like other people’s photos- guess what? You’ll have more followers! 

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