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What should I charge for my services? - cost of doing business free worksheet

What should I be charging for my services?

You just started your business!



Now what do you charge?


When you’re first starting out in your business, it’s very tempting to look at other peoples’ accounts or pages to see how to start your price range.


No. Don’t do it.

Never, ever base you pricing based on other people’s work.


Okay so, then how about you charge what YOU as a customer would pay?

Or what you think a good price range your average client would pay?


Nope. Then you will attract low-balling clients who can’t even pay deposits and show up on time- personal experience!


First sit down think about what you need

Write down all of your bills. Write down all of your business expenses:


Building costs
Equipment costs
Your take home income

Determine how much per month you will need to being in to meet those goals.


And determine how many shoots, clients, or contracts you will need in order to meet those goals per month.


Then Think about any other work that you’re doing to prep for the client or work for the client after you actually show up to do the service.


For example, if you’re photographer been working with a client for an hour is one thing but editing and packaging and making products with a client could take a whole weeks worth of work!


Factor that in as well in your cost of doing business


See the charge below on how it all breaks down


Now when you sit down with all of your bills you think to yourself that charging someone a very small rate to do something but only get around five dollars an hour with all the work and the travel time and the prep time it takes to do this job.


5 dollars an hour? You can work in McDonald’s for more money.


Charge your worth.


Any questions? We would love hear what you do to charge your worth and find clients in your price range.

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